Create a Category Page for one Specific Category and Exclude this Category from the Main Page in WordPress

This blog serves as my digital notebook for more than eight years and I use to to collect all sorts of things, that I think are worth storing and sharing. Mainly, I blog about tiny technical bits, but recently I also started to write about my life here in Innsbruck, where I try to discover what this small city and its surroundings has to offer. The technical articles are written in English, as naturally the majority of visitors understands this language.

Build a SMS notification service

Automated event notification is useful for many applications. In a recent blog post, I presented a solution how to use Twitter for notifying about server events. In this post you learn how to achieve the same by using an SMS API. The rationale behind an SMS service is its robust availability. There exist plenty of different services, I chose ClockworkSMS, as it provides a simple interface for several programming languages, plugins and a prepaid billing service.

Configuring a catch-all VirtualHost for Apache2

Recently I noticed an interesting behavior of my Apache2 setup when I introduced a new VirtualHost and enabled the site. Usually I store the configuration for each host in an individual file, because it is much easier to maintain. The main page that I serve is this WordPress blog, having the ServerName blog.stefanproell.at and several aliases. The configuration files have the same name as the ServerName of the VirtualHost they configure.

Getting static – with WordPress

As I moved to a new server recently, I decided to convert my blog which I had during my semester abroad into static HTML, as the blog itself won’t change anyway. The easiest way to do so was to download the original blog with HTTrack completely to my local system. This tool converts dynamic links into static, relative ones, which is needed in order to move the blog to a new location.