Flashing a OnePlus One from CM to LineageOS

As Cyanogen Inc closed down its operations in December 2016, CyanogenMod was affected too and my OnePlus One (OPO) did not receive updates anymore. This is not ideal, as new and old bugs have will remain. For instance did my phone often not reconnect to the 4G network, when a wifi connection was lost, This was very annoying. For this reason, if was about time to upgrade to a new OS: LineageOS.


[LineageOS][1] is a fork of CyanogenMod and contunes the quite successful project for our benefit. [LineageOS][2]14 is compatible with Android 7.1 and very easy to install. These are the steps which I had to follow.

How to Upgrade

  • Create a backup with Helios. Use the [Chrome Helium app][3] if the app on your mobile phone refuses to start.
  • Download and install [adb][4]
  • Download the TWRP custom ROM:
  • Download [LineageOS][5]. The codename for the OPO is bacon.
  • Download the [Google apps mini distribution][6] (stock is too large) [here][7].
  • Enable developer tools and connect the phone with a USB cable
  • Reboot the device with adb:./adb reboot bootloader 
  • Check if the device is recognized:./fastboot devices 
  • Enable OEM unlock:fastboot oem unlock 
  • Install the custom rom:fastboot flash recovery twrp-x.x.x-x-bacon.img 
  • Reboot into the new ROM:With the device powered down, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons.

Copy the files to the device

# Lineage
adb push ~/Downloads/OPO-Upgrade/ /sdcard/
# Google Apps
adb push ~/Downloads/OPO-Upgrade/ /sdcard/```

Install both zip files by selecting first the LineageOS and then the Google Apps Zip file

Thats it. Reboot and begin with the setup or restore the backup.

## Update 28.09.2017

The problem that the phone would not reconnect to 3G/4G again after losing the Wifi signal still persisted with LineageOS. A friend recommended flashing the firmware of the device. After installing the version<span id="ERrNAupH" class="rHaZZnshWI">2016_1-25_.4.0.1.c7-00011</span> downloaded from [here][8] solved the issue for now. No more connection problems so far

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