Bypassing Blocked Ports in (Public) Wifi Networks

Wifi networks at conferences or hotels often block certain ports, either for enhancing security or simply by misconfiguration. Blocking ports can be used for preventing some applications from accessing the internet via their access points. Other usages can be to force users to use encrypted protocols, instead of their clear text alternatives. In order to make this process easier, in many cases the ports which should be allowed are whitelisted, whereas everything else is blocked.

Use a TP-Link TL-WR710N Router as a Repeater with OpenWRT

The TL-WR710N offers five modes of operation: Router mode Client mode (connects ethernet devices to an existing wifi) Repeater mode (extends existing wifis) Access point mode (create a wifi hotspot from a wired connection) WISP Client Unfortunately the firmware which is installed on the device is very instable and barely usable for my purpose. I could not get connectivity by using the software which is pre-installed although it would offer a nice interface for all the mentioned modes.